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AI for Business Workshop

Dive into the thrilling world of AI for Business with our exclusive workshop! Learn the practical strategies that put you miles ahead of the competition; no fluff, just actionable insights.

Join us and transform your business with AI's power!

Date: 13 December 2023

Time: 1 PM

Place: Level 7, 410 Ann Street, Brisbane

Capacity: Limited - register early to secure your place

AI event
AI event


AI event

The Workshop

Key Topics: 

  • Understanding AI and Its Business Applications

  • AI in Customer Service, Marketing, and Operations

  • Navigating the Data Security Considerations of AI

  • Strategies to Outpace Competitors with AI for SMBs

  • Future Trends and Innovations in AI

Who Should Attend: Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, Technology Enthusiasts, Marketing Professionals, Operations Managers, Anyone curious about the potential of AI in business

What to Expect

This workshop is designed to unveil the vast potential of AI in transforming business operations, strategy, and growth.

AI event

Insightful Sessions
Engage with industry experts about the potential of AI in business.

AI event

Networking Opportunities
Connect with like-minded professionals  in the AI and business communities.

AI event

Real-World Case Studies
Explore successful AI implementations that have transformed businesses.

AI event

Free Consultation with CopilotHQ
Unlock the full potential of AI for your business with our expert-led consultation 


AI event

Alex Ferguson
CEO at CopilotHQ

AI event

James Wright
Managing Director at
Orisson Group

AI event

Aditya Rudraraju
AI Consultant at

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