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CopilotHQ is an AI Advisory and Implementation partner

Let's get started

Get ahead of the competition with a systematic approach to identifying and deploying AI to meet your organisation's specific needs.


A generative AI ecosystem awaits you

Experience a generative AI system that is designed for you. Optimize workflows and automate time-intensive tasks while protecting your most important assets, people and data.


Business Goals

We begin by clearly understanding your goals and objectives. We then identify areas where an AI can provide value and support these goals, such as enhancing efficiency, improving decision-making, or optimizing processes.

Identify Use Cases

With you we assess the specific tasks, processes, or workflows where AI can be beneficial. Through design-thinking approach, we identify the use cases that align with the business goals and can benefit from available AI models.

AI Model Determination

We evaluate existing and new AI models to determine their suitability for the identified use cases. Consider factors such as security, accuracy, performance, scalability, and compatibility with existing systems and data.


Data Preparation

We ensure the availability and quality of the necessary data for training and deploying the AI copilot. This may involve collecting and preprocessing data, labeling data for supervised learning, or curating relevant datasets.

Integration with Existing Systems

We determine how the AI copilot will integrate with existing systems and workflows. Consider the infrastructure requirements, compatibility with APIs or software frameworks, and any necessary modifications or upgrades to ensure smooth integration.

Develop and Test

We develop prototypes or minimum viable products (MVPs) to test the AI copilot's functionality and performance in real-world scenarios. Conduct thorough testing to ensure the models are producing accurate results and meeting the desired objectives.


Establish Governance and Ethical Considerations

We define clear governance policies and ethical guidelines for the use of AI copilots. Address issues such as privacy, bias, transparency, and accountability to ensure responsible and ethical deployment within the organization.

Monitor and Optimize

We establish a monitoring system to track copilot performance and collect feedback. Continuously evaluate the copilot's effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and refine the models and processes accordingly.

Training and Change Management

We provide training and support to employees who will interact with or be affected by the AI copilot. Help them understand the benefits, learn how to effectively collaborate with the AI copilot, and address any concerns or resistance to change.

Key Features

AI Powered Copilots are designed to provide a secure and reliable solution to your AI needs. Built to meet your security standards, you own the solution and we maintain it for you, giving you access to the latest AI technology. With our AI Copilots, you can benefit from the power of AI without having to worry about the complexities.

Built for you

AI Copilots are designed to your business needs, including security, ensuring your data is safe and well governed. Copilots integrate seamlessly with existing office software, giving your team the ability to work more efficiently and productively.

Owned by you

Built in your own office landscape, our Copilots are highly transparent and able to be modified by your own team if required. For all third party services used in the solution, we create separate accounts that you may have access to as required.

Managed by us

AI can be complex, but our team stays on top of the latest solution developments and capabilities. We maximise your ROI by connecting and building high value AI solutions in rapid deployment cycles, and ensure you get the desired benefit with ongoing support and maintenance.

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